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“We were very impressed with Burnaby movers! We want to thank you your crew for the very smooth move you’ve given us, and we have not forgotten how much we appreciated the wonderful service that you and your staff provided. The furniture arrived within expected time damage-free. My sister and I even requested them to place the items in the living room and they we’re gracious enough to say yes. They are a real pro in moving and deserve a superior rank for their performance!“
---Priam, 27, Burnaby

“Moving isn’t that great especially when we have to cross from one state to another! But, we gave moving a shot! All I can say is the Burnaby movers were one of the finest movers I have ever worked with! The service from this crew handled the situation professionally! It made my best friend and me happy! The guys were helpful and kind! They made our stormy day turn bright and sunny! They did a wonderful job moving our things! Thank you for providing us the pick and wrapping all of our furniture! That really means so much to us!“
---Grace, 31, Burnaby

“What an awesome experience working with the crew! They have done everything we’ve wanted! They were patient and kind with the request we asked. Thank you!“
—Mateo, 31, Burnaby

“I totally recommend these guys to all of my friends and relatives! I simply cannot thank them enough for the professionalism that they showed during my move!“
---Wallace, 28, Burnaby

"Great BC Movers delivered their work to us in the most professional and pleasant manner! We were moving from an apartment to a house with dozens of pieces of furniture including a piano. The movers wrapped the piano with some protective cloth before they moved it with caution. As a result, there was no damage or scratch on the piano at all! The movers were on time and efficient! Wonderful job!"
---Yuehai Xiao, Burnaby

"I just wanted to write a quick review for Great BC Movers to thank them for their service. The job was quick and on time. I appreciated that the movers took time to lay down protective carpets so that they didn't make a mess. Not one scratch on my walls or my furniture. The price was competitive for the Vancouver/Burnaby are and the communication was clear. I will definitely use them again. But hopefully I won't have to move again soon! Maybe when I'm done school. Thanks!"
---Jessica Just, Burnaby

"We had a great experience with Great BC Movers. We moved from Vancouver to Burnaby, and the move went very smoothly. All of our furniture and belongings arrived safely and intact, nothing was damaged nor broken. They provided good customer service, were friendly and efficient, and arrived on time on both ends!"
---Joe Solomon, Burnaby

"Moving with this company was a welcome experience. I can say that because Great BC Movers, the sales staff right down to the guy that did all the lifting was so friendly and helpful. I would call this company again for my next move. Recommended."
---Jennifer Lombardo-Seib, Burnaby